One trusted payment partner for your digital horizons

Trust has always been paramount to everything we do. While we have rebranded to Worldline, you can expect the service and support you have come to trust. 

Why are we rebranding? 


For decades, Bambora and Worldline have constantly challenged the norm in the payments industry, adapting to new trends and continuously innovating to ensure the highest standards possible in our industry.  


Since October 2020, Bambora has joined the Worldline group of global payments companies but has operated separately. On September 21st, 2021, we will begin implementing the new, unified Worldline brand and will continue to work towards creating digital payments for a trusted world. Read the full press release here


While the look may change, the priority stays the same - to bring trust to every payment we are a part of.


Although we will miss our beloved Zebraffe, we embrace this opportunity to make the #1 payment provider in Europe part of North America. Expect the same service you’ve grown to love, but with more options, more support, and a stronger brand than ever before.

Our values

We are coming together across the globe to bring you:





We are bringing our ideas to life. Our focus is making tangible improvements to our clients, society, and employees. 

A trusted world is built on superior results. We set the bar high, taking ownership of the quality we create and committing to making your life easier through payments.

We check our egos at the door and realize our common purpose. Our customer goals are our goals, and we work together to bring you the best service possible. 

We trust each other to be accountable for what we do. We believe in the development of our people to help us build the best digital payments for a trusted world

Knowledge hub



Payments as a Service

Visit our Help Centre

Over the last few years, payments models have adopted the SaaS model of software licensing and delivery, simplifying payments for the end user. Learn what Payments as a Service means for the end customer, the features that set it apart from traditional banking methods, and how banks will adopt PaaS into their ideology.

Are you a customer looking for more information on our products? Check out our Help Documentation for details on everything from setting up your account to protecting your account from fraudulent activity.


How to Assess Payment Integrations

When it comes to payments, integrating innovative solutions directly into your platform can be a powerful value add for your customers. But for many developers, the question isn’t about functionality, but what payment provider to choose to integrate with. Here are some tips to help you zero in on the factors that matter most to make an informed decision.

How we support you

Under the Worldline group, we want to ensure you can give your customers the highest quality and consistency of payment services. Here is how we can help your business.

Prepare for the future

Expand your global ecosystem

Make sure your business stays ahead of the competition with relevant, secure, and innovative solutions

As a global company, we can help you reach new markets and scale your business

Optimize the payment experience

Increase your business profitability

Help your customers boost conversions with sustainable, trusted, and secure solutions across the entire payment experience

Solutions designed to help you reduce costs, increase security, and improve operations

While we are transitioning brands, there will be discrepancies in branding across our properties as we work towards one unified Worldline brand. You may see Bambora, Ingenico, and Worldline, but the service will be the same. 

Worldline and Bambora are registered trademarks and trade names owned by the Worldline Group.

BAMBORA is a registered Agent of TD Bank, Toronto ON, Canada and Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Concord CA, USA.