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Direct payments made simple

Sage has partnered with Worldline to help streamline the payment process. With Sage and Worldline, you get access to customer pre-authorized debit, vendor payments, and employee direct deposit (payroll). Processing with Worldline is an affordable and convenient way to ensure payments are always on time.

Multiple payment use cases

Set it and forget it

Ideal for pre-authorized debit, payroll, and expense transactions 

Submit a transaction file in advance and pick the day it will process 

Pricing plans

Choose the package that's right for you

Employee Direct Deposit

Vendor Direct Deposit

Combination Package

Everything you need to pay employees

Simplify payments to suppliers with pre-authorized debit

Receive both payment services at one low price




Setup fee: $79.00

Setup fee: $79.00

Setup fee: $79.00

Per transaction fees: $0.69

Per transaction fees: $1.50

Per transaction fees: $0.50

First 24 transactions per month free!

Increased savings on per transaction fees!

First 8 transactions per month free!

Signing up with Worldline




Step one

Step two

Step three

Click on the "Sign up" link. You will be directed to an intake form to fill in your information. 

Fill in the intake form with your contact details and the services you want to sign up for. You will receive an email with an application package and next steps. 

Within a few business days of submitting your application, our boarding team will set you up with an account. You will receive a welcome email with your account and login details. 

Why choose Worldline for payments?

With Worldline, you get:

Batch processing

Reporting insight

Simplify your operations by submitting bulk transactions and paying them all at once through our portal. 

Receive alerts about each payment file, ensuring your payments are always processed on time. 

First-class service

Data security

The customer experience team is readily available by phone and email to make sure your payments always run smoothly. Available in both English and French. 

Payment data is secured with the highest level of security and PCI Level 1 standards. 

Get in touch

Ready to start processing payments?

Contact Worldline to learn how they can help you simplify payment operations for your business.

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